Friday, September 27, 2019

Halloween Inspiration No. 2

October is a few days away which means Halloween is in the air! 

I wanted to create another piece to show off some of my favorite products.

I created this piece using a canvas panel as my base. I stared by pulling a page from an old book, cut it into two pieces that would fit on the length of my panel and used my sewing machine to create a sewn boarder. I used a gel medium to glue them onto the panel and set it with my heat gun. 

I also applied a generous layer of opaque crackle paste over the entire board. I am not patient enough to let it air dry so I again used my heat gun to expedite the crackle effect. I used a paint brush to add a few dots of liquid acrylic paint and sprayed it with some water to get the color to move around and really get into the crackle. 

I used my sewing machine again to create some spider web looking patterns and cut them out to add to the overall composition. I added some texture with some old (unused) first aid kite gauze. 

I stamped a bug from the Entomology stamp set, used the corresponding die and cut it out using my sidekick. I then dig through my stash of ideology wings to find a good set for my bug to display. I put the bug under a mica tile and used mini fasteners to hold it in place. 

halloween quote chip was the perfect addition to an index clip

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I loved creating this piece, leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

Xo- Megan

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